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Literacy Night



I've been assigned to come up with a station for our Literacy Night at school. Does anyone have any fun and interactive ideas? I was thinking about a fluency or reader's theatre center. It would be for grades 3-6 at an inner city school. Thanks in advance

Miss C

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Literacy night

Will people be popping in and out of your station, or do you have one certain performance time? Also, if people come in and out, do you have a group of students that will be there all evening? One idea, if you don't really know who's coming in and when they're coming in is to have a family reading corner. Put grade level books in comfy corner and invite families to come and read together. If this wouldn't work in an inner city situation, you may want to have an older (grandma-ish) volunteer from the community to read stories as people come through. Sounds like your school has a great idea! :)


Yes students would be popping in and out. Unfortunately, I can't guarentee that all students will have a parent with them, so it would need to be a bit interactive and on the spot. I might have a group of 8 students at once, followed by a group of 4 students next. I'd like to have something really fun. Last year we did a Readers' Theatre corner, and it was really fun! But I'd like to do something different this year.


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literacy night

Our school does something similar and last year our class station was a puppet show. If you can't count on students to man the station- collaborate with anohter teacher or two and have adults put on the show. We used fractured fairy tales from a scholastic published book and made a quick puppet theatre out of foam board. It was a hit with kids and parents of all ages. You could even invite audience members to try out playing a puppet and just tell them to listen for their parts. you only need a reliable narrator really and some idle hands!

Carrie in WV

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Last year

We had a station where we collected baby pictures of the teachers and under each one we listed their favorite children's story. Students had to guess who was who and put their answers in a basket. We closed the voting about 30 minutes before we finished for the evening and drew the name of a winner who had guessed all teachers correctly. They received a Scrabble game.

We also had a large story board that we called "Our Story". We started it out with a few sentences and then students and parents came through and added to the story. That was fun. We also had a station where we signed people up for library cards for the public library. We took all of the applications to the library for the people who filled them out and brought back their library card within a week.

At one of our stations we made bookmarks, and we also had a cozy reading corner as an earlier poster suggested. This is always one of our best attended functions.:D