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Literacy Task Cards


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I was asked by a fellow teacher to participate in one part of her project for her masters degree by using literacy task cards during the guided reading block. I wonder if anyone else is familiar with them and if so share your opinion of them. I am still relatively new at using them and am still unsure of how I feel about them.


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task card center

The way we are using the literacy task cards is in the centers during independent work time while guided reading is going on with the teacher. Can be a separate center or students may take the cards and materials to their desks. They usually are asked from the card to record what they are doing (we ask them to write it into their word study notebook). The task cards are tied to the phonics/word study lesson for the week. Our task cards were purchased from Teaching Resource Center. Spend a little time introducing the task on Monday and the students can follow the directions. I like them because it reinforces what they are learning or tie it to last week's lesson. Anything that will give them additional hands on practice I say go for it. Hope this will help you out.