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Literacy Task Cards


Junior Member
I was asked by a fellow teacher to participate in one part of her project for her masters degree by using literacy task cards during the guided reading block. I wonder if anyone else is familiar with them and if so share your opinion of them. I am still relatively new at using them and am still unsure of how I feel about them.


Senior Member
How exactly will you be using them? In a center? I would not use them the entire block time. My block time is divided into two parts: whole group and centers. I meet with my lowest level readers almost every day. I might give my independent readers something to work on for the week and present it on Friday. Depending on the day, students go to 2-4 centers during centertime.
It would depend on who was using them and what they consisted of. If it is for your independent readers, are they challenging enough? For your lower level readers, are they on their level? Do they understand what to do?

Like any other center that I do, I would model and practice before I handed them one. I would go over how to use them, what to do if they get stuck, if they are self-checking or not, etc. Can you give me a little more info on them, and I will try to help more?