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literary devices



Does anyone have any good ideas for teaching literary devices such as alliteration,simile,metapohor, onomatopoeia, hyperbole,personification and others I may have missed? I am specifically looking for picture books. How about projects? I was thinking of making a book of the literary devices with the kids and they could put in the author's corner...where we put kids' published pieces. Kids could write the word-the definition and a picture as well as write their own example or locate one written in a book and copy it into the booklet? Can someone tell me if this sounds like a good idea?


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You can always have them write examples of literary terms and illustrate them.
My students like to draw so I try to mix that it when I can.


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I think it sounds great. I teach literary devices to my third graders through my daily read aloud. Whenever I read one (a literary device) I stop and explain what it is. Then later in the year when I read one I stop and ask them what literary device did I just read. With practice they learn to indentify all the ones you mentioned. It takes some repetition.Then I think they are ready to start writing their own. I start with similes. I read them Quick as a Cricket by Audrey Wood and then they have to write their own simile about a rain forest animal. They write them on colorful sentence strips and make an illustration to dispaly in the hallway with their simile. I think literary devices are easier to write in isolation than to use in a story or essay. Hopefully with some practice that can happen toward the end of the year or in fourth grade. I find that some third graders get carried away with it and write a one page story that has 4 or 5 similes. The concept of moderation is difficult for them. When they learn something new they sometimes want to show it off. I like reading Ghost's Hour, Spook's Hour for onomatopoeia. Then they write a free verse poem with lots of sounds. They turn out cute. Good luck with the books. I would love to hear how the turn out.

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Picture Books

There's A Frog In My Throat...Leedy
Owl Moon...Yolen
the King Who Rained...Gwynne
A Little Pigeon Toad...Gwynne
A Chocolate Moose for Dinner...Gwynne
Library Lil...Williams
Quick As A Cricket...?


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I use Animalia for alliteration. I read to them and then pass out index cards with a letter on it. They then write their own sentence. Another idea is to let them use their own names as the subject of the sentence. They enjoy writing about themselves - of course!


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Punished David Lubar

You have to read them the book Punished. Here is a brief synopsis:

Logan and his friend are running (yes, chasing one another) in the public library when Logan runs into a strange man who decides Logan must be “punished.” From that time on Logan can only speak in puns for which he gets in trouble with some authority figures. In desperation, Logan returns to the library to locate the gentleman, Professor Robert Wordsworth, who tells him it will take three steps to remove the punishment. He must first take pictures of seven oxymorons within 24 hours. After that task is completed, he must place seven anagrams in a bag. His final task is rubber banding seven palindromes. The book ends with Logan and his friend going off for pizza – “I never sausage a nice pizza…I read about one in the news-pepper…And we walked outside – two groan boys.”

Kids absolutely loved it!! It was a great read aloud!


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I'll try it!

It sounds great , thanks. My students will love it. We do a riddle a day and they love them. Most of the answers are based on a play on words and they are getting better at guessing the correct answer since we have been doing them since August. I know they will enjoy the book.