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Literature Circles


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I want to begin literature circles with my second grade. I'm not quite sure how to start and where in the literacy block to incorporate it. My principal only wants us to use books from the book room during guided reading. Those books are rather short and not very interesting. Any suggestions?


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Liturature Discussion Groups

I do my Lit. Discussion Groups during guided reading. Once the kids are on a 20/24 in DRA, they don't need the scaffolding of guided reading, and can have more freedom. I'm not sure what base books are, but we have a whole book room leveled from kindergarten-5th grade and just take appropriate levels and interests for our kids to do our groups. My groups work like this.

Day 1 - Receive/choose book (if there's a choice, I usually do 2 books). Begin reading independently and writing things you notice/think in your notebook.

Day 2 - Students continue to work independently. Meet the group to discuss their writing so they have a chance to work on reading.

Day 3 - Same as Day 2, let others share that didn't the day before.

Day 4 - Meet with individual students. Look at what they have written about the book, help eliminate any misconceptions, and do a running record.

Day 5 - Same as Day 4, finishing with the group.

Day 6 - Discuss the book as a group. Talk about what you noticed as a reader, how your thinking and feelings changed throughout the book, how it relates to other books/your life, etc.

Another choice is to give a certain number of pages or one chapter as a daily assignment, and when they meet the next day, they discuss the previous day's reading.