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Literature question



Hi everyone. I teach a 5/6 combo, so my 5th graders are doing the Ancient Civilizations for Soc. Studies this year. I am going to have the 6th graders read The Egypt Game, but I'm not sure if I should have the 5th graders read it as well. As a whole, the fifth graders are good readers, but I'm not sure if they are ready for that book or not. I would love to hear some opinions. Thanks!

Miss C

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not sure

I'm not familiar with the book, but would reading it to them be an option? I had a really difficult book that I just read to my 6th graders. Another option would be assigning it for an extra credit book report. Happy teaching!


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Egypt Game

The book Egypt Game doesn't really cover any concepts related to Ancient Civ. It is more the story of some imaginative kids. I bought the book for lit circles and I seem to recall that it was a lower reading level, like a 5. It would be fine for 5th graders.


6th grade self contained

Great book, my class read it last year. Not a hard book to read and understand. Your 5th graders will do great.