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Looking for a job (again)


Miss CB

Just need to vent a little.....I accepted the job that I am at, knowing it was for a 1 year leave replacement. I was hoping that I could get in the district and there will be a job available for me to stay at the school. Well, that is not the case and I am once again, forced to look for a job. I get all excited because last week I had an interview. Well, I find out that the interviews were just procedure because they gave the job to someone already in the district. It is so frustrating trying to find a teaching job. All I can think about is not having a job next year and it scares me. I don't know what I'm going to do if I don't have a job next year. (I'm also doing my master's right now, so money is extremely tight!) Thanks for letting me vent!


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The smokescreen...

I hear you. I don't know why they posts these jobs when they already know who they are going to hire for them. I guess by EEOC they have to. In our school district, they don't even have to grant you an interview. All you can do is send in an interest letter and resume (via mail...no personal contact or phone calls). I have just decided that I will probably end up as a substitute teacher for the rest of my life--I'm 39, a new teacher with only sub experience, and a military wife. I might as well have REJECT tattooed on my forehead. The good thing is: you don't have to do lesson plans, attend faculty meetings, and you get a longer summer! Keep doing your masters. When you have that, I'll bet they will be falling all over themselves to hire you. Then YOU can pick and choose. Good luck!

Miss CB

Thanks for the support...

Wow...it seems like you're struggling more than I am. I'm sure something will have to open for you. I know subbing is not the best thing in the world to do...I hated it. I hope someone realizes how lucky they would be to hire you!


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I have always heard it is not a good thing to have a M. Ed with no teaching experience behind you.


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teachmo's Message: I have always heard it is not a good thing to have a M. Ed with no teaching experience behind you.

I've heard that around here too. You automatically start out higher on the payscale is supposedly the reason. But, if you've had experience in other districts, you could get credit for those years, and still start out higher.

I was fortunate, no experience and no Masters.

Unfortunately, I'm now in the "Do I have a job next year?" boat along with many others.