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Looking for Examples of Reading Response Letters

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I'm having my students write reading response letters in a reader's notebook for the first time this year. Does anyone know where I could find (or could anyone share) some exemplar letters? I wrote several examples myself, but would love to show my students several more. Thanks so much!



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I don't know where you would find examples

but probably the best ones for your particular situation are those that your kids write.

Teach them how to do it using your examples, and then after you collect and grade and respond to the first set, pick out several that can help anchor your writers -- examples that are out this world and examples that are "good enough."

Maybe even the first time through, don't grade the letters on a rubric or do any really involved grading. Just grade them on a limited scale, such as "exceeds, meets, approaches, falls below." Then show them the exemplars and do some reteaching if necessary. Have 'em turn in a second letter. Use those (hopefully!) better letters to develop a rubric together.

Just an idea :)


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I believe there is a sample in the Fontas and Pinnel (sp). I'll check at school tomorrow and send if you'd like.


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a copy from the F and P book would be great!

I would love a copy of the sample from the Fauntus and Pinnell book. I'm ashamed to say I don't own a copy- it's so expensive! Thanks so much to everyone for the suggestions.


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Great site

Pmpkin,- Great website! I'm starting reading response journals this year and this will be so helpful! Thanks so much!! :)


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I was going to suggest the Fountas and Pinnell book for the sample as well. I just started doing response letters this year too, Rebecca! Might any of you have a sample "grading" rubric to share? Thanks!


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Will send a copy of the pages when I am back at school Monday. Fortunately our school bought copies for each of us. I reference this more than anything I have ever had--have you tried to find a used on at Amazon?

teach smiles

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Reading Response Journal

I just started these with my two language arts classes last week. I had one class write to me first and I responded back to them while the other class wrote to an assigned peer and the peer had to write back. The students who wrote to a peer, were grade on their initial response as well as writing back to their classmate. Next week I will have the other class write to me, while the 1st class will write to an assigned peer.

I followed the format for the response journals according to Fountas and Pinnell. Here's a couple things I was looking for in their writings. I also had the kids staple a "checklist" for their journal requirements in their reading notebook, so they can refer back while they're writing.
-follow the friendly letter format in their journal response
-2 paragraphs
-make a connection to the book they're reading
-state the book title and author
-tell why or why not they do/do not like the book
-give a description of what's happening in the book so far
-I also encourage them to ask questions, so the person writing back, can respond to them.
-Feel free to have them talk about parts of the book that are interesting/confusing.

I hope this helps!