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Looking for florists


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Anyone out there have a favorite florist site they use to send flowers to loved ones? I need to send out of state soon for new baby! I prefer to do it on-line with a credit card so need a reliable site. Thanks


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I've always had good luck with FTD. I do NOT recommend 1800-Flowers. My boyfriend used them for my birthday and they almost didn't get there on time and the flowers were dead in a couple days.



Go FTD, in fact why don't you go to a local FTD florist to order - you can see photos of the arrangements, and pay by credit card or whatever. At least if they aren't satisfactory, you have the local florist as recourse, which you don't have on-line. Remember wherever you go you'll be paying for delivery, unless you request the person be phoned and come to pick them up at their convenience.


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I love Hallmark.com's flowers. I have ordered and received from them over the past 2 years and all the boquets have been gorgeoous and just as described! If you go there do a search for hallmark coupon codes in google. They always have good deals going. Plus if you have a hallmark card, you get points too!