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Looking for some Turkey day activities

Mrs. M

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that involve writing, or any creative activities for Thanksgiving really. I have a few that I do but am interested to hear other ideas. I read "A Turkey for Thanksgiving" and the children write from the point of view of the turkey, and we do a comparison writing activity with the first Thanksgiving to Thanksgiving now. I would love to hear some great ideas. I teach first by the way. Thank you!


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Thankful for

I had my art teacher make me a large turkey one year without any tail feathers. Then I copy a feather pattern onto construction paper in different colors. Had each student write a sentence on each of four or five feathers of things they are thankful for and then put it up in the hall. It made a beautiful display.:)


Talking Turkey

This is an art craft activity that I use with my kindergarten class - You might say it's a payback to the parents, for I send it home immediately afterward for the 4 day weekend. :-)

I purchased plastic drinking cups. I poke a small hole in the bottom of the cups and I put a string through the hole and tie a knot at the end of the cup to hold the string firmly. On the other end of the string, I cut up sponges into small rectangle-shapes and tie a peice of sponge to the other end of the string.

I then design feather patterns that I run on red, yellow, brown, or orange construction paper. And I design a gobbler and run them on red construction paper and I design a beak and run on orange paper and I design a head feather and run on orange construction paper. I run little oval shapes on white construction paper

I pass out the peices of the turkey to the students - 4 to 5 feathers (different colors), an orange beak, red gobbler, 2 ovals (for eyes), and one head feather. I have them cut the pieces out and place them in their cup that I've placed the string and sponge in.

I bring my hot glue gun and during centers, I call the students up one at a time and I glue the pieces carefully onto the cup - for the cup is the turkey's head.

I then teach them to wet their sponge in water and to squeeze out most of the water. I teach them to hold the cup with one hand so their fingers aren't inside the cup. And I teach them to pinch the wet sponge around the top of the string (which is coming out of the cup which is turned upside down) and I teach them how to let the string slide between the pinched sponge - which creates a turkey gobble - if one make quick jerky slides down the string. NOISY!!!! But fun! Send them home immediately with the rule that DO not come back to school! :-)


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I like the kids to do a writing about who they would invite for Thanksgiving dinner and what they would do. It can be a friend, relative, their teacher, rock star, sports star etc. It's fun to see what they do.

I also have the kids work in groups to sequence the steps to making a turkey. It is hysterical. I get things like turn the stove to 100 degrees and cook for an hour - put it in the stove, cook it, and THEN take it out of the bag - I don't help at all. Then I publish it for the parents - very funny.