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Looking Forward to/Not looking forward to


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What are you looking forward to this week? What are you not looking forward to?

Looking Forward to...

*A 4 day work week
*Treating myself after work with tv, a glass of wine, a walk, a special snack, etc.
*Some of the lessons/activities planned for the week
*Mass on Thursday to celebrate Mary's birthday...I may even bring in a birthday treat for Mary for my class!
*Each day in school is one day closer to getting the kids into a routine and used to my expectations.
*Hopefully doing something fun this weekend...there are a few movies I'd be willing to see in theaters (none that I'm dying to see but some that I'm willing to see)
*Sleeping! HAHA...I love my bed!

Not Looking Forward to...
*Grading papers tonight.
*The pool at my apartment closing for the season (the next 10 days are all sunny and 80s you'd think they'd keep it open!)


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Not looking forward to:
*dentist for checkup
*flu shot??? (may put this off:D)

Looking forward to:
*very early walks to beat the heat
*watching the brilliant series Linda recommended
*reading a good book, listening to a good book
*2 mahjong afternoons
*lunch out with friends


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Not looking forward to:
~ School Work
~ Housework
~ Union Meeting
~ Preparing a week of sub plans
~ Not enough hours in my day

Looking forward to:
~ Packing to go to Chicago (school related)
~ Bedtime
~ Payday


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looking forward to:
going out to lunch with my sister tomorrow
going to a Pure Barre class this week

not looking forward to:
my mammogram and six month visit with the oncologist
more hot/humid weather

Ima Teacher

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Looking Forward To
  • driveway paving tomorrow
  • working on some of my crafts
  • Night Ranger concert Saturday night
  • dog sitting for the grandpuppies

Not Looking Forward To
  • having to park a vehicle in the yard for a couple of days while the driveway is done
  • dropping $12,000 for the driveway


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Looking Forward To/Not Looking Forward To

Looking Forward To:
*only 4 days of school this week
*working out/going walking
*reading/meeting with book club
*going to a 1st birthday party for a friend's baby on Saturday
*watching college and pro football games next weekend

Not Looking Forward To:
*adjusting to waking up earlier
*dealing with hot and humid weather mid-week


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Looking forward to:

-4 day work week
-Friend's bonfire on Friday night
-NOT having to attend data teams this week (they're now focused on math, and I don't teach math this year- a huge blessing!)
-movies on Saturday

Not looking forward to:

-long staff meeting on Wed.


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Looking forward to:
-4 day work week
-baby shower at work for a sweet friend
-starting a sewing project- it's been a REALLY long time
-trying the new coffee I just ordered- it'll be here tomorrow

Not looking forward to:
-setting that damn alarm again
-some long hours this week
-more cleaning around the house over the next couple weeks- it'll be great to get the house together again, but I'd rather just twitch my nose like Samantha Stephens


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Looking forward to: My mom going home after being here for almost 5 months

Not looking forward to: Dh’s son moving to Florida and staying with us until he finds a place to live.


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Looking Forward to:
Lunch with an old friend
My anniversary dinner
Getting my legs waxed (I could give Sasquatch a run for his money)

Not looking forward to:
The continued heat wave
The pain in my face as it heals. Dermatologist prescribed a cream to kill all precancerous cells. Been using it for two weeks and I look like I had a lab accident with acid. But, over the next two weeks, no more cream, and it all scabs over and then all is gone forever.


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Looking forward to:
*taking a shower (after 3 days of no shower facilities)
*sleeping in a bed in a house with heat (I forgot just how cold 40 degrees is in a tent!)
*DGS's first cross country meet of the season
*DGS's choir season starting up again
Not looking forward to:
*working concessions at the Resch center on Thursday
*lab work on Friday