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Looking Forward to/Not Looking Forward to


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What are you looking forward to this week? What are you not looking forward to?

Looking Forward to:
*This afternoon and evening. I have all my papers already graded and all my plans done, that other than sending out a newsletter, I have no school work to do.

*Spending time with my class and getting further into a routine and good habits (we're really making progress).

*Doing fun things after school to treat myself (napping, reading, tv, going for a walk, etc.)

*Not having any plans for the weekend...I know it will be fun and relaxing.

*That Friday night feeling when I'm free! lol

Not Looking Forward to:
*Staff Meeting this week

*Work drama


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Looking forward to:
:D Mahjong with friends
:D Outdoor carpet repair (finally!)
:D Finishing the fabulous novella I’m listening to
:D Starting a new crime series set in Iceland

Not looking forward to:
:( Waiting for Libby hold. I just can’t grasp the timing.

Mixed feelings about:
:confused: Car check up


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Looking Forward To/Not Looking Forward To

Looking Forward To:
*no after school work commitments/meetings
*dress up days for Homecoming Week:)
*working out/walking
*making a pot of chili and some cornbread muffins to enjoy with the cooler fall-like weather<!--leaves_fall-->

Not Looking Forward To:
*dress up days for Homecoming Week (<!--giggle-->if you know, you know!)
*the first FULL week of school (5 days seem so looonnnggg)
*spending time figuring out the new ELA curriculum my district is piloting


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Looking Forward to:

*Field Trip tomorrow, so essentially a 4 day teaching week. :)
*Enjoying my homemade chili for the next 2-3 days.
*That Friday night feeling, lol.

(Thanks, Teacherbee_4!!!) It is a great feeling and definitely something to look forward to.

Not Looking Forward to:



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Looking Forward to:
-doing some "decorating" in my classroom
-a happy hour date with teacher friends
-I already have my lunches packed for the week
-dinners are planned and prepped, too

Not Looking Forward to:
-my first 5-day week of the school year
-prepping for back to school night
-DH and I are still on our quest for a clean house


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Looking forward to:
My DD and DGD will be here this afternoon for a two day visit <!--hearts-->
Hopefully getting test results from neurologist
Improved air quality (bye-bye wildfire smoke) so I can take longer walks

Not looking forward to:
Nothing yet??

Ima Teacher

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Looking Forward To
  • getting to see work friends when I sub Wednesday
  • Christopher Cross concert Thursday
  • massage and chiropractor Thursday
  • working on a quilt

Not Looking Forward To
  • weekly house cleaning because it’s my least favorite thing
  • subbing because I’m out of practice in the classroom


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Looking Forward to:

* A long weekend away with DH.

Not Looking Forward to:

* More workers in my house.
* picking out tile for the bathroom.


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I have to admit it took me way to long to come up with something I'm looking forward to for this week, LOL. I need to plan something fun for this weekend. Thus far, I have zero ideas.

Looking forward to:

-Shopping for pumpkin/fall themed items at Trader Joe's

Not looking forward to:

-Tough parent meeting tomorrow
-Day of MTSS meetings on Wednesday
-After school committee meeting (90 minutes!) also on Wednesday
- PD day on Friday
-Having to video myself teaching/watch and critique/submit for my dyslexia class
-Finishing my boring book club book
-Homework for the dyslexia class
-Having to work on lesson plans to submit for next week (see vent post)!

I'm a real debbie downer this week! <!--grumpy--><!--grumpy-->