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I teach 2nd grade and have finally got my class in order. My question is-have any of you followed your kids up the next year. I'm thinking about asking my principal if I can go on to 3rd grade and keep my class plus or minus a few. I know I could get a jump start on the next year. I really believe their scores would be better for the state tests. She offered 3rd grade to me when I got hired this year. I've been teaching 13 years but never 3rd. (2nd, 4th, 6th and special ed.) I know a 3rd grade teacher would really like going back to 2nd. Should I ask her about it first? I would only be doing this for next year. I'm moving out of state after that, but my principal doesn't know yet. I know I would have more students and more requirements due to testing. I think that I could handle it, especially since I have a history with most of the kids and families. They seem to like me to. Now how do I go about convincing my principal and do I want to? By the way, for some reason she didn't seem interested in looping when I interviewed. She wanted me to take 3rd because she knew I would be helpful with my experience for the tests. I convinced her that I would prepare them for it really good in 2nd grade.