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I am a 4th grade teacher and have been asked to loop to 5th grade with my current class. I was hoping someone could suggest a good professional book for me to read. Also, I know there are pros and cons about looping. I would love to hear other peoples thoughts and ideas about looping.



dear ms,
I would suggest to read up on Jim Grant's books. He also does workshops and conferences through SDE.
I have looped and loved it :)
Hope this helps, bb


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I teach a 4/5 Loop

I am in the fifth grade part of a 4/5 loop. This was my first time doing it. I think there are pros and cons. I liked that we didn't have to spend the first month of fifth grade getting to know each other and could "hit the ground running." I already knew the students' strengths and weaknesses, and they knew my teaching style and class rules. I also liked that I knew what we had covered last year so when the students didn't remember something and said, "We never covered this," I could remind them, "Oh, yes, we did because I taught it to you!" The hardest part for me is that it took some of the students to understand that my expectations are a bit higher now that they are in fifth grade. There also isn't as much direct communication with parents since you are sort of letting them go a bit. I used to do a weekly newsletter last year, and this year, I have the students write more about what we are doing.

I think that one advantage that you have being asked to do the loop now is that you know what your class is like. Is this a class that you would want to have again, or would you be more than happy for them to move on? Also, I think you need to consider which students would want to loop and which wouldn't if they are given the option.

I know I have rambled a bit. Hopefully, I have helped some. It's a tough decision to make. Good luck!!


I loved looping!

I have looped with 4th graders to 5th grade twice so far. It definitely needs to be a decision that you make, not someone else. You have to have a good relationship with your students and parents. You should be willing to loop with all of them, not just some of them. In otherwords, there should be a "match" between you and your class. I absolutely LOVED looping the last four years and I would never teach 5th grade unless I had them in 4th. However, this year there is just a little too much, for lack of a more appropriate word, personality for me in this class. Do not let someone pressure you into this decision unless you are positive you want to spend another year with your students. When you enjoy your students and loop with them, the only pain you will have is learning the next year's curriculum. Also, it can and will make you a better 4th grade teacher knowing what they are truly expected to know in 5th grade. It is truly a great experience!


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This is my first time to loop, and there are definite pros and cons to it. I loop from 3rd-4th, but it's still the same general idea. The great part is that you already know the students. I could pick up where we left off, so there wasn't the "lost" month at the beginning. The kids know the rules, we know the students/parents, etc... The main con that I've noticed is that the kids are almost TOO familiar with you. They talk to me more like a friend instead of a teacher now. I'm not too crazy about that. It's definitely something you should try - I know many teachers that absolutely love it.


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Same here

I looped from third to fourth. I was asked on the last day of school. Actually, I was told that if I didn't, our principal would make me or another third grade teacher go, and that wouldn't look good for the one forced to go. I had taught nothing but third until this year.
It did take a little pressure off because I knew some of my kids. It worked out that only 7 of my 15 looped into my room. I think my boiggest pros were that I knew my kids' earning styles, reading ability, math ability, etc. Cons: they are comfortable with me, but also I allowed myself to be a little too comfortable with them. I took that for granted, and relaxed my behavior plan. They also know how to push my buttons, and which ones to push to get what they want. I'm not sure if I would do it again, but it definitely gave me an appreciation for the fourth grade teachers and what they have to go through to get the kids ready for the state testing.