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Hi! I teach fourth grade in Alamosa, Colorado. I am planning on teaching fourth grade next year and then looping up with them. Is there any advice out there on looping. I am a bit nervous, but excited about this new adventure!


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I'm a looping teacher, but mine is from 3rd-4th. The only "problem" that I had is that the kids are almost TOO familiar with me in the 2nd year. They want to chat with me all day, like I'm their best friend. Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for how to prevent that. I do love that I know the students. I've been able to work with them and see such a huge improvement. You're able to jump right into learning in the fall, because everyone already knows what to do! I guess I don't have any real advice - it falls into place pretty well! :)


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I'm doing it this year! I taught 4th this SY and will move up with them to 5th. I'm excited -- it didn't start that way, but I got the chance to move and take them up. Enjoy them!



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I did that last year. I had 3rd grade and went up to 4th with them. It was great cause you know where they are and what they can do as well as who doesnt need to be with someone in the same class. The only downfall that I found is that they are very comfortable with you and do want to just talk and be more of a friend. But that wasnt that big of a deal. I loved it and would do it again. One time I looped from 3rd to 4th to 5th with the same kids. That was very tough to let them go after 5th grade. We had all bonded so close. One parent said she felt like there was a tunnel from her house to my house the way her child called me all the time. I am still very close to those kids today, they are sophomores in college now and still contact me all the time. Good luck with your group this year, enjoy it.