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Love my doctor


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I went to an OB/GYN for many years that was horrible, but I didn't realize it. He wouldn't return phone calls, took months to get an appointment with, I often would get nothing back regarding my Pap Smears, and he did no research to treat a condition that I have, (didn't even diagnose it for years)

I then went to a specialist for the condition that my OB/GYN finally diagnosed and I am in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! He calls me back next day with test results, I can get in to see him within the week, he is up to date on my questions and concerns, and my favorite part...when I call with a question, I ALWAYS get a call back the same day.:D

Now that I am done rambling, I will get to my point. I know that my OB/GYN is crappy now, but how do I assure that I pick the best doctor? I don't want to throw a dart at the phone book, but I don't know where to start looking.

How do you guys pick your "lady doctor"? :confused:

Miss C

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ask friends!

I have the best Dr. in the world, and I found him by asking friends who they went to. I had two friends recommend the same person, so I thought it was worth a shot. I was right, and I love everything about the office and the doctor! :)


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Ask a nurse

I had a horrible doctor when I was pregnant with my first child. She never seemed to remember who I was, what my concerns were from our last visit etc...and as I got closer to giving birth (and was seeing her more and more frequently) it still did not get any better. I almost felt like saying, "Read my darn chart BEFORE you walk in the room so you have some sort of idea of who I am!" But instead, I just suffered through, like an idiot.

After I delivered my daughter, with help from the great nurses...the doctor was a bust--shock surprise there...I asked the nurses who they would recommend as a doctor. I wanted someone who was good at their job but also had a bedside manner that was pleasant and friendly. Then I took the little list the nurses worked up and called until I hit upon one of their suggestions who was taking new patients. My new doctor is great. He is always happy and friendly and he actually knows who I am!! Although he always always runs late...even if I am the first appointment! Not sure how he falls behind before he actually begins work...:p But after my last doctor experience...waiting is not a problem for me at all!


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I truly got lucky when I found my ob/gyn. I went to the ER and they referred me to her. I love, love, love her. After a visit with her, she referred me to my primary care doctor (who shares an office with her) who I also love.

It's amazing the difference in your health when you like your doctors. Trusting and liking both doctors made me feel so much better - then they helped me actually get better.

Other than just "getting lucky", I agree with the previous poster. Ask your friends/coworkers!


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I was moving, so I asked my current doctor to refer me to someone. It turns out her choice wasn't the greatest. My new doctor was always in a rush, very abrupt, and did not make me feel comfortable to ask questions at all. I think your best bet is to ask people who have actually been there. Like others said, ask friends and coworkers. The best suggestion you can get is from people who have actually had experience with this doctor/office. My doctor just had a list and would refer you to someone in your area. Not how I want to find a dr. from now on!