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Lucky Calkins Kindergarten

Language Arts | Writing 


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Currently we use Kid Writing to teach writing to our K kids. Next year we are also going to use Lucy Calkins for K-2.

Does anyone else use this? Any helpful suggestions to get me ready for next year?

Thanks so much!


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Years ago, I used Kid Writing in kindergarten. I really liked it, but this year I returned to kindergarten after using Lucy Calkins in first grade and wanted to try it out with kindergartners. The most useful thing for me was the curriculum plan that I purchased for $10 from Heinemann (the publisher of Units of Study). It really showed me how to adapt the program to kindergarten including some units that were not in the books. I had a great year. In some ways, it was easier for me than Kid Writing, because I do not feel that I have to make it around to every child as often. Also, I like the organization of different units.

Here is a link to the curriculular plan available from heinemann. Just take out the spaces.

http:// www.heinemann.com/ products/ E04301.aspx

If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to try to answer them, but I'm not at all an expert....I've just done it one year.