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Lucy Calkin Collection



Grade 1/2 teacher

Hi, you wrote that you got a set of 11 books that go with the program, I would like to know what type of books are those, and how do you use them. Reply me on rafmas66@hotmail.com. Thanks for sharing. Bye


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Thank you!

It has been so hard for our literacy coach to get her hands on many of the books suggested in the units. Our librarian has offered to use some of her funds to pay for the books, but she found that a few were out of print. If it's not too much trouble, could you list the titles that come in the package? If they are the ones we are looking for, that would be easier than hunting them all down. If you don't mind me asking, how much did they cost? Thanks for sharing!


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Real Quick

I ordered this books a while back and just a bit of advice. When you call I believe you have to ask for the catalog department b/c when you talk to the people who answer they get really really confused. But keep trying you will get them. :) I can't remember all the books but there are quite a few Angela Johnson books from the Authors as Mentors unit.