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Lucy Calkins K Reading Units of Study

Reading | Literature 


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I used the new units last year with kinde and loved them. My schedule for reading was basically:
Opening at 8:10
Shared reading 8:20- 8:35
Mini lesson 8:35- 8:50
Read to self (group work or individual. conferring) 8:50- 9:05
Partner reading 9:05-9:10
Share 9:10-9:20
Phonemic awareness/ phonic lesson 9:20-9:30
Word work 9:30-9:50

After recess I did a read aloud and writers workshop. Trying to get in more interactive writing next year.

I found the the shared reading was a HUGE piece of my reading instruction. A great time for all eyes on one text that is just above the average readers ability. I could teach to highs and lows with that one text for 4-5 days. A lot of teachers at my school didn't even notice the shared reading piece. It's in the back of each book. Lucy recommends one text, then you need to find more the remaining weeks in the unit. That's my summer project! Good. Luck!


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Great schedule, ginadoo!0

I teach 1st, and was thinking on how to fit in a phonics lesson each day. Doing it right before word work is brilliant! Do you have word study groups? I usually have 3, so I struggle with whole group lessons. Maybe see what the majority needs?


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I had great success with putting a writing mini lesson and writing time right after the shared read aloud. The read aloud promoted oral language and oral language promoted the writing ideas. Word Work came after recess and I had time to set up the student areas with the supplies.