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Lucy Calkins ~ Who has a short summary...


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of what the Lucy Calkins model is all about? :o

My school recently purchased a set of her books, and I was looking forward to implementing this.

Sadly, when I got these I was... overwhelmed, and yet underwhelmed. <!--grumpy-->

Overwhelmed: By the amount of detail. :confused:

Underwhelmed: By the basic nature of this model. :D

Maybe I'm not being fair ~ likely so, since I just can't get through the set of texts about this model that I have sitting on my desk.

Can anyone give me some direction? A summary? Key words to look for? A specific method to study? A website to search?

I'd really appreciate this!

Thank you!
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lucy calkins model

I suggest you post your message in the Rose Room as more people there use the Lucy Calkins' Units of Study.


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Hey ~ thanks!

I'm doing it right now! :D

(I've been checking for answers to this way too often, wondering what I'd done wrong, desperate for ideas ~ since I said I'd get to these books Thanksgiving weekend!) :o

Thank you again!


lucy calkins

I found the abbreviated versions of Unit 1, 3, and Launching the units. I can't find Unit 2. Where is it hiding? Miss Anderson thank you so much for this.


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Me too

I have put off using my Units of Study all year because they are so wordy and full of dialog. I decided to be brave. I finally decided to break out the Writing to Reading unit this weekend. I am so confused, annoyed and disappointed that I am ready to forget the whole thing. There are long conversations, little boxes with writing...Who has time to decipher all of this? I have read the book all weekend long and have been able to disect one or two actual activities. Is there a trick to figuring out exactly what I am supposed to teach----I sure like my Six Trait Writing. I was hoping to find some tricks and ideas to help me teach my kids how to respond to what they read. I am very frustrated by this unit of study and will not be very excited about picking up another....I love teaching writing but this is not feeling helpful. Others love it, at least the younger version....am I missing something?

Thanks to the PP, I will also check out the Rose Room. Maybe there is a secret code to reading the units!<!--sing--><!--misspeak-->


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Units of Study

I use them all the time as my basis for Writing Workshop. I use the ideas--not the word for word examples as in the books. I think as teachers we all have our own styles and her books are just examples of how she would sound in the mini-lessons, etc.