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Lucy Calkins writing program?



I was wondering if anyone is using the Lucy Calkins writing program in Kindergarten. My school will be adopting it next year, however I would like to start using some ideas from it NOW. Could someone let me know how they teach writing.

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It is a writer's workshop approach to writing. All children begin writing at the beginning of Kindergarten. They can begin with pictures that "tell a story". Then they can move on to labels, and then to sentences, etc. Invented spelling is encouraged and taught. The books go through various "units of study". They are written very in depth. Each lesson includes a mini lesson (with several parts), independent working/conferencing time, and a sharing session at the end. I think the philosophy is great....I use the books, but also supplement and change the materials as I see fit for my class. Have fun with it next year! Let me know, if you have other more specific questions.



Thank you for replying so quickly. You mentioned "mini lessons". Well, I am starting to incorporate them into my 30 minute writing block. Would you mind sharing some ideas for mini-lessons?