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M-f ?



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I use mine to hold all of my teaching supplies for each day, including worksheets, teacher manuals, manipulatives, books, games, etc. :)


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so excited!!

DH got mine for me last night! Last one! I have pined for it since LakeTeacher posted hers (thanks for the inspiration):):) I will have approx 75 kids, so I will be using it for holding the weekly paperwork and supplies. I using a big hanging file folder in the past, but it wouldn't hold up to that many copies!


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I got mine yesterday:) I was planning on using it as LakeTeacher said in PP. I had been using the 10 drawer multi-colored drawer cart (I think it has been referred to as Office Depot cart), but the drawers were not big enough for books, games, construction paper. I am excited to get together and actually see it. My sister picked it up for me yesterday and I haven't gone to get it.


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I have never been very organized but I am hoping this cart will help with that. I plan to turn the cart around (where you can't see the days) if I can't keep my self organized and use it for holding copied papers and teacher books. That's sad that I already have a plan for failing. (maybe not) :rolleyes: You might could also use it for turning in papers and papers to be finished the next day!