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Magazine Subscriptions as gifts


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As I stated in a previous post: I am giving magazine subscriptions for Christmas presents this year. I need advice on the best ones to order.

I need the following age groups:
boy 17 (son who recently joined Army Reserve)
girl 15 (girlie)
girl 13 (tom boy)
girl 13 (girlie)
girl 7 (girlie)
boy 4
girl 3

I have Teen Vogue and Cosmo Girl. What age group would you say they are appropriate for? They say 15-19.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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I would say those magazines would probably be best for the 15 year old girl. If they are anything like the "Teen" and "Seventeen" magazines that were around when I was a teenager, they'd be a little too mature for the 13 year old.

The seven-year-old girl would probably like the "American Girl" magazine-- my second graders last year read my few issues to pieces.


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Some unusual ideas

For the 3 year old or 4 , if they are animal lovers ,try Your Big Back Yard. My boy (4) also loves the Nick jr Magazine. For your girlie 7 American girl (witrh previous poster on that one). She may also enjoy the Disney channel magazine. There's lots on Hannah Montana and Highschool Musical.Girls Life may also interest her. I wish I had suggestions for the 17 year old and the tomboy 13 year old. Good Luck in your quest.


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ESPN Magazine or SI

If your tomboy 13 year old and the 17 year old are into sports I highly recommend ESPN the Magazine or Sports Illustrated. I read mine to bits.... And they're appropriate.

If they're not into sports I'm not sure.... hope this helps!


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I bought Big Backyard for 3 boys around the age you are looking for and everyone loved it. The mothers all said that they looked forward to reading it to them every month.


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I don't know if they are Christian or not, but the Focus on the Family magazines are great. There is Clubhouse, Jr. (Preschool), Clubhouse (Elem.), Brio (tweens), Brio Beyond, and there are some for boys also, but I forget what they are called.

My preschooler really like Sesame Street magazine which comes free with Parenting magazine. My grade schooler really likes Highlights and SI for Kids.



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Highlights has a new magazine title for preschoolers/younger children. My 5 year old son loves to get it in the mail! :)
I discovered it at the Dr's office. :)

Teach 5

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Teen Vogue is almost all ads, I'd stay away from that one if I were you.
Girl's Life might be nice for the 13 years olds.

Check out the Cobblestone & Cricket site. My kids always liked those. They have different magazines for different ages.

My tomboy liked National Geographic's World magazine & Ranger Rick.

If the girls are Christians, Brio & Brio Beyond are also good choices.

It's a great gift idea & one that lasts all year long.