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Magnetic Alphabet Chip Ideas

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I just got the Hand 2 Mind lowercase magnetic letter chips. I am planning on using the magnetic wands for activities. So far I am thinking of these activities….

letter ID and sounds - say a letter or sound and students find it
blending- place chips in a row and swipe the letters as students say the sounds
vowel intensive activities

Any other ideas for these?
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I haven't seen those - very cool! My first thought was the blending idea as well. You could start with the blank side for oral blending, and then switch to the letter side for phonics.

You could also use them for "fishing" and make fishing rods to fish out letters and match them to other letters, pictures, spell words, etc.

They seem like they'd be perfect in a sensory bin.


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In addition to the ideas you have and Sbkangas5 gave you, you could do:
-Matching upper case to lower case letters on a cookie sheet. Use a dry erase marker to make random uppercase letters on the cookie sheet. Match with corresponding lower case chip.
-Sort letters. All the a's, b's c's etc
-"In My Name/Not In My Name" Probably more for beginning of year... Use a file folder (or cookie sheet) with the headers "In My Name" and "Not In My Name". Children sort through a cup of letters and place them on the correct side.
-Sight word practice. Look at word, say it, spell it out with letter chips, then write or stamp the word.
-Bingo. Children cover the upper case letter with a lower case chip if they have the "called" letter
-ABC order. Have them put the letters in order. You could use an alphabet arc with either all the letters (upper or lower) or with just A, MN, Z on the arc. See photo.
-What's Missing? Arrange a few chips in alphabetical order ex. fgh_j. Have them find and add the missing letter or add letters to a sequence of letters ex. hijk_ _ _
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