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Mailbox Magazine Interview


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I just finished my phone interview with Mailbox Magazine. It was interesting. They would at a minimum match my current salary- but I would be working from 8-5:00 or 5:30 each day, and sometimes on weekends, full time, year round. Am I crazy, or would that be a bad deal financially? I know that I am working probably the same, or more hours now, but I do have my summers off, and I can do a lot of my work at home. They are recruiting for a staff editor for the Intermediate Mailbox Magazine. Here's the process- after the phone interview, they send me a packet with benefits and salary information, I create a portfolio (if I am still interested) and send it in. If they like what they see, they call me in for an in person interview. If that goes well, they send me home with an idea for a curriculum unit for me to put together and edit. Then I send that back to them. If they like what they see with that, they call me back to start a second round of interviews! Whew! The position would start in July or August, so that I can finish out my current school year. To be honest, I don't know if I want to try to go through all of that to make the same money I am making now, working more days/hours. Any thoughts?


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there are so many times i have thought about changing jobs, but right now the benefits of being in the same school system as my son, being 7 minutes from school, getting off in the afternoon, holidays, and summers off, I can't justify walking away from that. It would have to be a very significant increase in salary for me to change.
Now-if i didn't have a son still in school, it might be a completely different story...


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Is this something you want to do? If yes, then go for it. If you just want a job change then I say no. Follow your heart on this one. The process sounds like a large amount of work but it may be worth it. Working from home can be a blessing. If you are like me you already work all the time and probally more. Best wishes! I pray blessings your way! Happy Thanksgiving


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Let's see...

No parent conferences.
No kids sneezing on my hands.
No kid throwing up on my shoes (it's been an interesting week.)
No IEP meetings.
No back stabbing colleagues.
No last minute "projects" assigned by the principal.
No filling out report cards.
No grade-level teacher copying all my hard work and then making it BETTER because all the grunt work was done already (by me!)



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I have been seriously thinking about submitting my resume to Mailbox magazine. I saw the ad for an editor - do you have to relocate? I don't know, though. It sounds like an awful lot of work and not too much more money. My only thing is that I think I would miss my summers off and the breaks throughout the year. That's a tough one - I think you just helped me rethink my decision. I love my teaching position - I was hoping to make a change to help myself become more financially secure. This doesn't sound like what I am looking for. Thanks for posting and answering some of my questions. Keep me posted about what you decide to do. I'd love to see what happens. Good luck!!


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My thoughts

I considered taking another non-teaching job that was still tied to education (consultant position). I, too, was only guaranteed a match, at best, to my current salary, and would have to be employed year round. I asked myself if it would really be worth it to be rid of the classroom demands, work year round, and not have the summers free to me with my three children. My answer was no. I value that time with my children so much, I teach at the school where they are students, and live only 10 minutes from my job. I can put up with the increasing demands of teaching if it means more time with my own children. As far as your situation, if you are having doubts then I would question if you're really ready for this change. I do wish you lots of luck with whatever you decide.


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You do have to relocate to Greensboro- or within commuting distance. The lady who interviewed me this morning said that they pay the same as Guilford County Schools (Greensboro). So I would not make less than I make now, but I wouldn't make a whole lot more. No long breaks, no summer vacation, deadlines to meet and long hours to work. If I am going to do all of that work, I may as well stay in a position where I have the breaks and summers off. If you want, when I get the informational packet, I'll be happy to share with you.