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Makeshift "whiteboards"


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Such a fabulous idea, I had to share. Take a top-loading sheet protector and insert a cardstock white sheet of the same size. You now have a "whiteboard." Regular dry erase markers work and you can wipe off with a tissue.

The neat thing is you can insert any kind of chart or instructional sheet on top top the cardstock and the the kids can work on that for a lesson. :p

I had one for each child in my math classes last year (68 kids) and it maybe cost $20 for everything. They kept them in their math folders. Found this neat idea on the internet. :):)


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We did the

same thing these past few years with math timings. It turned into a great paper saver, plus students could take them home to practice and then bring them back the next day. Genius!


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Good idea!

I took card stock and ran it through the laminator. Worked okay and was cheap.

*edit to add* Speaking of mini white boards...my Target had ones that were maybe 12x18 for one buck each!


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I have been using them too

Mathwire has some cool ideas for using them. One thing was to run a function table and put inside. I ran off a lot of their ideas and the kids kept them in their binders. When they finished their morning work, they would use them to practice math. The kids also took their sheets to the computer lab if they needed to work out problems. I just came up with a new twist for dry erase boards. If you laminate BLACK cardstock, you can use the neon dry erase markers and you have a totally new look. I plan to make a large one for my easel. I think the kids will get a charge out of it.


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Good Idea!

I have done this before for worksheets, but I used the wet erase overhead pens. For some reason, I never thought about using dry erase markers. I also like the idea of the kids keeping them in their binders!


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Other use besides math practice.

My last practicum mentor (6th grade reading seminar) used sheet protectors over reading paragraphs for fluency practice. Paired students would take turns doing timed reading while noting errors on the sheet protected paragraph with dry erase marker/eraser combo. Students would then mark speed/errors on a graph to chart progress, reading the same paragraph every day for a week.

This worked well because she could collect the paragraphs and save for another class/another year without wasting paper, kids just cleared sheet with eraser.


wonderful idea

I this idea for white board replacements. I went to the dollar store and bought 10 plus markers but now with this idea I am set!!! THANKS FOR SHARING. :)