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making instruments


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Hi! I'd like to make some simple musical instruments with my 1st graders that would sound...well... musical:) We're planning a small concert in April, mostly percussions and voices and we need more things that we can buy. We have almost $ 0 to spend on them and can't count on parents much...Any ideas? thanks in advance:)

Marilyn B

Try this!

I posted this yesterday. The message has never shown up, so maybe the URL address is giving the system problems. Anyway, go to Google and type in Bash the Trash. They have a section on their site that shows how to make simple instruments from common materials.



I once helped the music teacher at our school make instruments for her classroom. She brought in empty water bottles and filled them with rice or beans. The children decorated the bottles with fabric, construction paper, foam stickers, ribbon, and other cool stuff. You can also try this with coffee cans if you want to make a small drum. Just have the children decorate it. Hope this helps!