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Making up Snow Days



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At my school all snow days are made up. We had 5 snow days built into our calendar, but those days have already been used. When those are used, the rest are added on to the end of the year. This means days are added on into June and sometimes go past graduation. I was looking for ideas as to what other schools do to avoid those not-very-profitable learning days after graduation and state testing. Thanks in advance!


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We have to make up every day we are out for weather.

Some things I've seen posted here are: extend the school day, Saturday make-up, taking away spring break.


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Until this year, my district didn't have snow days built into the school year (even though we're in WI most of our student live in the city so we don't get a lot of snow days like the more rural schools). A couple of years ago, we not only got a ton of snow in a couple different storms, but also had to close school for two days because it was colder than -25 with the wind chill. We had Saturday school to make up the days. Of course they aren't always profitable for learning because depending on the class, a lot of kids don't come. This year they build in one snow day, which is good since it was used last week during the blizzard.


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Snow Days

We also have to make up every day missed. We only have one built into the calendar and we have already used it. If we have too many snow days, they take our spring break so we don't go too long in June. Otherwise (if we don't use too many) they are added on to the end of the year. Last year we had many so we lost all of our spring break except for Good Friday. :(


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A few years ago Michigan was hit with many many snow days...our district made it up by adding 6 minutes to the school day for the rest of the year. If your state counts days, not hours in school then this won't work for you. Michigan counts hours in the school year so we could add the time onto our school day. 6 minutes isn't much of course it depends on how much you have to add on. Parents were for adding time to the day as opposed to days because of planned vacations during the summer etc.


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We only had one built in this year. Last year we had several but I'll tell you it was horrible! We used holidays to make up the snowdays. We (teachers or kids) did not have a day off until Good Friday. It was rough, kids and teachers needed a break.

This year they took one day of our spring break (we only get Fri.-Tues. around Easter). The rest of the days get added on to the end of the year.

Not sure what state you're in...I'm in Missouri and our state passed a law a few years ago that you had to make up 6 days after that you only had to make up every other one; however, it is up to the district. Since time in the classroom is tied to state funding there maybe financial incentive to make up every day in this tight financial time. I am waiting to see what our district does.

I like the idea of adding on a few minutes everyday. 6 minutes like the previous poster wouldn't even be noticed. BTW we are snowday #10!

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Graduation is pushed back. Testing usually isn't, at least not enough to make up the days we miss.. We just move on to the curriculum for the next year after that, since sometimes we have a good 6 weeks after testing.

We've gone on Saturdays, holidays, and added time to the school day. We also add them to the end of the school year.

We have no built in days. We make up all of them.


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We used our one built in snow day before winter break. We had another last Monday, but it missed the deadline to make it up on President's Day. Now, our last day is June 2nd, we don't have a Spring Break. Hopefully we don't have any more snow days, I'll take the 2 hour late starts and early releases now.

I've been told by other teachers to go back and review some of the stuff we covered earlier in the year as a way to keep the students on the ball for going into 6th grade. My plan is then to work on some of the reading and other skills. In social studies, we will likely continue whatever we are working on, or work on geography skills, like states and capitals.


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snow days

We are on Day 7. We are using one comp day over President's Day weekend. The rest will be in June, which is not good ...

I do not like the idea of spring break taken away-we all so need that break:)


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We don't have any so called "built ins". We make them all up at the end of the year. so right now we're going 'til June 24th or thereabouts. It'll be practically July 4th before we get out!<!--grumpy-->


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Snow days

are not built into the school calendar. So our last day is June 28, barring anymore snow.
We are waiting to hear what will happen from the Superintendent' office. Lots of ideas have been floating around. I personally wouldn't mind going to school for 4 days the week of February vacation. But please, don't take April vacation away. It would be a long, long year from Feb. to the end of June.

And oh yes, our 100th day of school, as of right now, is February 28.


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We, too, have to make up snow days....

One suggestion that we have thrown around is taking away In-service days, and making those up at the end of the year, once the students are done. Also, we have talked about taking vacation days away also. Good Luck.


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Here is what they are doing here. . .

The county I live in has eleven built in snow days. We have used them all so far. We have had 12 snow days so the first day we make up will be on February 21st, President's Day. They were supposed to be out SEVEN days for spring break and TWO days in April. The first Thursday and Friday of spring break will be taken first THEN the two days in April. IF we have more than four more snow days they will be taken out of the week long spring break. They have promised us that the school year will NOT be extended due to snow. The last day of school is the Friday before Memorial Day. Of course, they go back on August 1st this year.