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Mandated reporter training anyone?

Administrator Issue 


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Two of my districts go back in two weeks and not a word about mandated reporter training.

My 3rd district which goes back in almost four weeks sent the link to complete this at the end of June, and I completed it. It took about two hours.

We used to be able to skip ahead on the slides, but not anymore.

I wish they would send the link so I could get this over with. I have many appointments coming up.


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My district went back today Aug. 1 and the email from the super went around that the mandate reporter training will be sent out today sometime through email. Since it is all online they assume you can complete it until Aug. 31. It seems way longer than i remember.


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This time

I decided to be a good student. I listened to all of the main lessons and clicked on most of the "extra information" tabs listening to those.

I noticed some new terminology and felt sort of sick to my stomach when it was over. The stats are alarming. Due to studying I passed with 95% correct on my first try.

What worked for me was dozing on the couch while doing this. Aesop had me locked out after my training from last year expired, end of August.