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Manipulative Storage

Classroom Management 


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I am trying to write a grant for some manipulative storage for Math supplies.

What do you use for your manipulatives? Our closets are very shallow, so I normally use tupperware for storing things in there. However, I want something a bit nicer to store for the kids to have access.

Do you leave all manipulatives out all the time or rotate them?
We are moving to Ready Math so I am not sure what manipulatives I will be given (if any).

Please share images or specifics if possible...


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Manipulatives storage

Plastic shoe boxes and dish pans .

However, I wouldn’t invest in anything until the new materials arrive. You may only need storage for what you already own.


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I love my Ikea trofast storage. I prefer the wood ones as they are solid wood (not the black or white ones). They are super sturdy - I've had mine for probably 18 years - and you can get a range of bins as well as shelves to use with them. It's also easy for the kids to take the bins out and put them back. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations. For some reason I can't get the picture to attach, but here's a link.


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I used one of these

for math manipulative for many years. If you have the floor space, and it has a fairly small footprint, you can have the manipulative on display for use during "what do I do next." I would put one tub on each table (back when kids shared tables) during math centers.


You can have some materials in storage (if any) and rotate them through the display bins as needed.


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I ready math

I use school boxes for each child. This is for the math tools that we use daily. I am thinking about making a notebook to put ten frames number path ect .