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Mapping for Meaning reading resource


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I am trying to locate a copy of this wonderful resource- it's a series of reproducible graphic organizer reading exercises. It is out of print and I can't find a copy in a library- so I'm willing to buy one if I can just find it.

Particularly, I'm hunting for the Gr. 5-6 one- Series 3.

Title: Reading: Mapping for Meaning
Author: Linda Ward Beech
Publisher: ?I think? Sniffen Court Books
Copyright 1990

Anyone who has a copy of this- can you guide me where to get one?


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Listed at Amazon

Hi Sarah,

Reading: Mapping for Meaning is available through Amazon.com :-)

It sounds like a great resource. I wonder why it's out of print...



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I had only looked at amazon.ca, so thanks! Unfortunately they only list Book 2, which I have a copy of... it's the elusive Book 3 I'm after. That author certainly looks prolific, so maybe I'll try another of her books.

It is a great resource-- I like it because the reading passages are so short, and the graphic organizers really help students map the meaning, like the title suggests.