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March 2nd Dr. Seuss' Birthday


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I am looking for ideas to use with my 4th graders to celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday on March 2nd. What are you doing to celebrate?
Thanks for sharing!


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Free Hats!

Go to your local Saturn dealer and get the free hat posters for your class. I used them last year with my second graders, but my mom used them with fourth grade and the kids LOVED them!

We've having green eggs for breakfast too.

Instead of doing a regular story next week in language arts, I'm doing activities for one book each day--most of my activities are from abcteach.


Seuss Cafe

I'm in 3rd grade. We teamed up with a 1st grade class and my students will be serving the first graders books and snacks and then will read to the students. I also go to the Saturn dealership to get hats for the children. They love it!!!


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dr. seuss

Just finished planning for Seuss week. Our shcool is doing some dress up stuff. Rather than reading a story from the basal I am doing an Author study on Theodore Geisel and reading his books. also...
Monday - Reading And to think we saw it on Mulberry Street. (Dr. Seuss' first published book) we will write our own version of the stroy and title it To Think We Saw It On _________ (our school road).

Tuesday - Hat day Reading the 500 Hats of Bartholemew (sp?) We will make a graph of the hats we wore. I didn't know about the Saturn dealership. There is not one in my city, but if I am out and about this weekend I may check into it.

Wednesday - Read Wacky Wednesday We are dressing up. Also reading Green Eggs and HAm and we will make a class recipe book. Students will pick their fav. food and write ingredients and directions. I also have a recipe for Green Eggs and Ham that they will answer questions about.

Thursday - One Fish Two Fish. Wearing fishy clothing. Read The Lorax. Discuss character's point of view. Do activity from Mailbox magazine. (Can't remember exactly what it was but it had something to do with the different points of view.)

Friday - Read The Cat in the Hat and retell from the Cats point of view.


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Thanks for sharing!

We're doing Wacky Wednesday as a spirit day too.

I love the idea of "To think we saw it on ____________"

I'll have to add that in to my plans!


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I teach first grade and at my school we have different Dr. Seuss centers in all the classrooms. We each take a different Dr. Seuss book and do some fun and meaningful activiites to go with it. We also make green eggs and ham! Fo example, I always read I Can Read With My Eyes Shut and then have them do a "I can draw with my eyes shut" activity for fun after.


Suess Rap

Have students take a Dr. Suess book and rap it to a strong beat. We used "The Foot Book." His books are full of rhythm and rhyme. They rap themselves. Just get a good groove on and wind up the kids and let them go. You may need to write in on an overhead. Team up with your music teacher for some input if you're rhythmically challenged. Any way enjoy the celebration.