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Mascara that doesn't smudge?



Please pass along any recommendations you have for a mascara that won't smudge off under my eyes. I am tired of looking like a raccoon by lunch time! :rolleyes:


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Make-up Question Too

I have a make-up question too. It seems like by the end of the day you can hardly see that I even had on make-up that day, but some people look super. Any suggestions for make-up that is long lasting?


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I'm in need of a good mascara too. I do know NOT to buy the covergirl waterless mascara (the one in the green tube). It made my eyelashes so stiff that when I rubbed my eye later in the day, I felt like I had a needle going into my eye (IT WAS MY EYELASH). It is horrible trying to get it off, it makes my eyelashes flat and they all stick together.

As for lipstick...I found something years ago when we lived in Virginia. I think it was called Kiss or something like that. I haven't been able to find it here in Indiana. You put it on over your lipstick and it keeps your lipstick on all day.

As for all the other make-up, I too look like a zombie at the end of the day. I wish there was a spray like hair-spray that would keep it all in place.

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There are two kinds that work for me. The first is Maybelline's Remarkable Waterproof mascara. It doesn't come off during the day or when wet, but comes off with soap and water. The other kind is from Mary Kay, but I dont' know the name. It's a newer kind that really lenghtens. It works so well to lengthen that I can't use it when I'm wearing my glasses because my lashes rub the inside of my lenses! I have to save it for when I'm wearing my contacts.


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I'm with Trish!

How do you keep your makeup on all day?

For me, I only wear eye shadow and mascara. I love my Clinique lash doubling mascara. It doesn't smudge.

However--my eye shadow is always rubbed off/smudged by the end of the day! It's also Clinique--and thats all I've ever really tried.


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I've found that L'Oreal's waterproof mascara is good. I also like Estee Lauder's mascara. I used to have the same problem, so I can relate to what you're saying.


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Max Factor

The only thing that works for me is a double dose of Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara. I apply one coat of the regular followed by a coat of waterproof, last all day for me and washes off with warm water and cleansing cream.

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I've gotten several comments about my makeup over the years, and people are always amazed when I tell them that most of it is regular drugstore stuff. I used a combination of all brands. I've recently branched off into Mary Kay because one of my coworkers sells it. I like their TimeWise cleanser and moisturizer. I also use the foundation and sometimes the mascara. I have trouble finding foundation light enough for me. Usually I put my makeup on around 6:30 in the morning and never touch it again all day. If I'm going somewhere after work, I sometimes have to reapply foundation to my nose--because I have bad allergies and rub most of it off blowing my nose! Sometimes I'll put on a little powder if the weather is warm, and I always need more lipstick.

My husband's cousin always uses expensive department store makeup, and she said that she thought mine always looked better. It might have something to do with skin type, too. Hers is oily and mine is dry.


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It might have something to do with skin type, too. Hers is oily and mine is dry.

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Since I really only wear eye makeup, I hadn't thought about the skin type (wouldn't describe my eyelids as greasy, LOL). But...I wonder if that could be it!

I do have oily skin, and my eye makeup NEVER stays on!


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I had the same problem- creases in my eye makeup and it wouldn't stay on as long as I thought it should. I have oily skin- a makeup artist friend told me to put a small dot of foundation on my eyelids and blend it in. It is amazing how that works! You can also buy stuff in the dep't. store that will make your eye makeup stick- but why bother if foundation or putting loose powder on your eyelids will work?


Mary Kay

I only use MAry Kay for my mascara. I was a little fed up with my consultant so I tried 3 different kinds of drugstore brands-Loreal, Maybelline, and some other and needless to say I went back to Mary Kay. I found a new consultant but I'm never leaving their mascara. It goes on clean and stays all day without ever smudging off. I use their foundation, their cleansing products, and blush. I love their microdermabrasion (spelling?) cream! I don't like their eye shadow or eye liner though. Hope this helps.