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Maternity Massage

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I am currently 6 months pregnant with my first child. For Christmas, my in-laws got me a gift certificate for 2 maternity massages at a local day spa. The information on the spa "menu" says that the massages are intended for both pregnant women and new moms.

My question - when will the massages be most helpful? I am thinking of either using both within the last couple of months of my pregnancy (I've had no complications up to this point so there shouldn't be a problem with doing that) or using one later in the pregnancy and one shortly after the baby is born.

Could any moms give me any advice? I'm having a hard time understanding how I'm going to feel in that first month after the baby is born since I've never had a child before.



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Use plan B

I would use one massage late in the pregnancy when the baby becomes very heavy on your back and the other a few weeks after the baby is born. New motherhood is a wonderful, crazy, stressful time. You'll be surprised to find out that muscles you never knew you had will hurt from carrying Darling around. Also, in my 2 experiences, it is exhausting for the first few weeks. A little spa time will be a welcome diversion for so many reasons! ENJOY!!!


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I am currently pregnant with baby #4, and I got myself a prenatal massage for Christmas. It was a bit expensive, but so well worth it. I plan on doing it every 6 weeks until the baby comes. For me, it is especially useful because my back, legs and neck hurt(from stress and just being a pregnant mom).
I say use both of them before the baby comes. You do not know how your body is going to feel after the baby. You may feel okay, or you may not want anyone to touch you after your body is so "used" by your baby with breastfeeding and such.