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Math Apps



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The only one I use is dreambox because I have to. The kids love it, but I think it's really expensive. I did look for fun apps a few years ago and at the time really liked "animal math" and a few others. I'll have to look at one of my school ipads and see!


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We don’t have many math apps on our iPads so I don’t know how good they are. I will be interested in reading the responses you get. The student iPads have Animal Math and Starfall Numbers apps. I think they are the free versions so there are some limitations.

Our district requires us to use iReady app (reading and math). They have to log in. It individualizes the “lessons” for students; however, our kindergarten team hasn’t felt that the diagnostics accurately reflects what our students know and can do-especially at the beginning of school. Some of our low students seem to be good guessers and some of our high students don’t even score at the beginning of K level.

We create our own math activities on the Seesaw app for our students to do.

I have heard that Khan Academy has an app for younger kids, but we don’t have it so I don’t know if it is appropriate for kindergarten.

Does your math program offer a technology component?

I am not sure, but the Teach Your Monster to Read website might also have a math app to go along with its reading app.

I used to do coding with my students, but haven’t done it in 2 years. I had Osmos games on my personal iPad-Number Tiles and Tangrams, and the coding game set- Coding with Awbie that I would bring in for my kids to use. My students like the Coding Mouse and Be-bots. There is a coding app called Scratch Jr.

What is the purpose of the apps? Are you looking for something for math center time? At K level, our students needs lots of hands on experiences and opportunities to explore and work with manipulatives to build number sense and to develop spatial awareness, logical thinking and problem solving. I have things like dominoes, decks of cards, pattern blocks/cards, Tangrams, games-Connect Four…

I hope that I was able to help a little.
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These would be used for a kindergartner to practice math at home. They do bring home a school I-pad. It has on it: Coding Safari, Code-a-pillar, SplashLearn, Kids A-Z, Seesaw, Pebble Go, & Sora. I’ve never taught lower than 2nd grade and I’m now retired. I appreciate your responses and will check into the ones you listed. They also have the Osmos system at home. I agree that hands-on manipulatives are very useful, also ones frames, tens frames. As are understanding numbers, less than, greater than, filling in a number line, how many ways a number can be written, etc.
I feel like the apps can be useful in reinforcing skills and understanding formatting for computerized testing.
Thank you for all of your help.


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There is a website called Happy Numbers, but I don't know if there is an app. (I saw that there is an app called Happy Math, but I think that is different.)

What do you think of the SplashLearn app? I get promotional emails from them off and on? Does it seem worthwhile?