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Math centee



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I need some ideas for my independent group math. Center- I have three groups and we rotate - I take one, my aide one and one is independent but that one isn’t going well…
They don’t seem to use the materials right , I have tracing and counters…
Any suggestions?? As far as using materials they need a lot of practice!!!


Senior Member
I hear you! Every day we are talking about how to use the materials correctly. Usually by this time they are pretty good, but this group...

My stuff is pretty hands-on - math games we have already learned as a group, roll and record (roll some kind of die and record the answer on some type of recording grid - whichever gets to the top first wins), puzzles, mazes or dot-to-dots (I have a lot in sheet protectors so they can use them over and over), domino and card matching, clipping the correct number of clothespins or paper clips to a number card, top-it (which is basically war), memory with cards that go with whatever topic we are learning, geoboards, pattern blocks, making patterns with stamps, unifix cubes or other manipulatives. Sometimes I will just throw a few math related things into a bin and see what they do with them (such as a box of counters, dice, and a number rack/rekenrek). My new one this year is those pop-its. They roll the die and pop that many "bubbles" and whoever pops all of theirs first is the winner.