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Math Center Ideas on Measurement


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I get the best ideas from you all...

Does anyone have math center ideas on measurement?
(measuring liquids, length, weight, area, perimeter)

I'm looking for something I can use right away. (I know there are great Take it To Your Seat books but I wanted some "do it yourself" ideas.)

Thanks in advance!


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We "measure around the room". There are a few ways to go about it. One thing is to have students just measure stuff and determine the easiest units to use while measuring each object. Another is to give a particular length, and have them find things that are that length around the room. I tend to pick lengths that are the size of a unit, but you can ask them to find something that is 20 inches long, etc. The same can be used to weight and perimeter. "Find something that is ___ grams or ___ inches in perimeter"


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I had to do this early in 3rd grade, so it would work for this age towards the end of 2nd.

I had some things to measure and had them estimate how long they were. Then we had to prove our guesses right or wrong and then had the students journal about what they found.


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I like leaving a gummy worm for each student at the center and have them use it to measure different items. This non standard unit of measure is fun, entertaining and delicious in the end.


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Thanks for all the great ideas everyone!

DebTeach...That is exactly what I was looking for .
Thanks for the "downloadable" for the AIMs activity.
I just bought the Aims CAN O WORMS one last week on their site.
That is fun too.

2nd Grade Chick... We have "real" worms in the classroom right now for our soils unit. Your perimeter idea with the gummies will fit right in.


box of junk

I fill a shoe box with classroom junk, ie., a pencil, an index card, a lego, a domino, a straw, etc. I make a little ditto sheet up with each item listed with a blank beside. The students then use their rulers to measure and write the measurement and cm./in. label beside. They enjoy it, and the more bizarre the junk to measure, the more they like it. I like to take odd items out of my own kids' toybox to stick in there too.


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For a perimeter activity I invite studetns to bring in a box from their favorite cereal or snack. Then I spend a few minutes cutting them apart and using the biggest, most colorful side as my item to measure. I cut the piece of cardboard in shapes with 3 to 6 sides. I measure myself so they are equal inch sides. Then I write a number on each piece and a center is ready to use. The kids get a piece of paper and begin measuring the perimeter and writing their answers.