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math computer games or activity books

Miss C

Senior Member
Hi all!
Had a conference with a parent today about one of my girls who is failing math (6th grade). They're working with her at home and trying to get her on track. Anyway, they asked for suggestions for activity books and computer games. Here are some of the things we're covering:
Greatest common factor
least common multiple
renaming fractions in lowest terms
converting fractions to decimals and percents
simple equations (2n+4=14)
She also really needs practice with basic multiplication and division facts.
Thanks for any suggestions! :s)

Carrie in WV

Full Member
Here are a couple of good sites

Try www.multiplication.com. This site has interactive games, worksheets, lessons, the whole nine yards. There are sections for teachers, parents, and kids.

Also, Mrs. Heather Renz (a 4th grade teacher in Oregon) has the most math links on her website that I have ever seen. Here is the link to her math site http://www.redmond.k12.or.us/patrick/renz/mathsites.htm.
I recommend her site to all teachers--this lady has a lot going on in her class...I wish she had been 4th grade my teacher!! I have contacted her before about her Mastery Program (which she gave me permission to use) and she was great to answer my questions.


I would also try these websites:




I have a lot of parents who love to use the internet at home with their kids and I make sure to try and get my class to the pc lab once a week to practice on these sites. If you go to my school webpage: http://www.leeds-school.com/portal/tabid__6200/Default.aspx and scroll down to Parent Resources/Homework helpers I have links to about 40 sites that could help with math. My parents say these really help and now they don't have to search for good sites, they can just click on the website. Hope these help! - Christa