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Math facts



Just wondering what others thought was a reasonable goal for how many math facts a child should be about to complete in a minute? Is 20 per minute a good goal?


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We are at 90 sec. for 30 problems, which is the rate you are talking about. The problem is: what do we do with the kids who start failing? It was great when they were all pretty good, but now we are at the end of the 1-10 subtraction, and some are getting only 12-15 in 90 secs. I hate the thought of 10 different test papers.


Lisa E

math facts

This is for 2nd graders...

2 minutes for 30 addition problems to 20 but the numbers do not go past 10 (10+10) is the highest

3 minutes for subtraction problems to 10

24-30 correct meets expectations
Most of my kids can do it. The subtraction is easier because they have more time. I send home 10 tests ( one side additon the other side subtraction) . They need to practice at home but there parents need to correct their tests. We have a quiz on Thursday and one unannounced during the week. Hope this helps!


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My school regroups for math based on ability. I have the highest group. The other day I gave them 5 min. to complete 100 addition problems (facts to 18, I think). I emphasized that I was more concerned w/ quality and not quantity. If they got all 100 correct at anytime of the year, I give them a free hwk pass and they don't have to take that specific test again. 2 got it on the first round. The least amount answered was 31/36. The teacher who teaches a lower group uses a 36 problem sheet, but only gives a minute. I'm not a big fan of pushing the speed factor. I feel it stresses some children too much.


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Goal for third grade multiplication and banana split party to go along with it. Might adapt to fit your class

Sharon D. W.

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Chance to finish

Hi. I teach first. Could you have the students do their work in pencil and then when time runs out have them switch to another colour to finish with an extra set amount of time? Or I will collect and correct. Then any corrections can be made by printing in another colour or b/c I circle the wrong answers they can change the answer in pencil and I know it was a second try. Also any questions left incomplete get circled too - the whole question is circled when they are left undone... again this way I know more time was given to "find" an answer. I only give two tries to answer correctly.

These assignments could be sent home or give them a day or two to complete it is class before sending it home to be completed with support. The test/quiz score could still stand but you could give extra credit for the corrections if they need the practice. I would have it signed and returned which I do by printing our stickers on my home computer that say:
Please sign and return by _______________

Your stickers could read:
Please make correctins, sign and return by ___________
Often I put one of these on my master before I make copies and other times I use the sticker for a certain child who I need to communicate with "home" because I am concerned about their skills. I try and do it for the whole class whenever possible.

As for those that are failing can you adapt their test/quiz to use an addition chart or double their time? Make a note of the adaption on the back of the paper for your records or with a small symbol in your grade book. For example with their score put a small "a" in the corner could remind you that an adaption was made for this child. I do this for late work. They get their mark with the L in the corner and when it goes into my computer grade book 10% is removed for being late. :)

Instead of calling it a test/quiz we sometimes call it The Beat the Bell Game but I make it clear that neatness counts and messy answers will be marked wrong for the game or the test.

My students should know math facts to 18. Most do OK to 10 but then if gets very messy as to where each child is at various times of the school year. I often have practice pages for those that need the chance to practice at home and again this is just extra practice. I suggest to the "home" to give the "test" time first, mark at home and then let the child finish it at home. It might be worked on over 2-3 nights as doing it all at once could be too stressful for the child.

Also check to see that your students are doing what they know first. Somtimes this can be faster for those who have difficulty. If they know 2+6= 8 then they answer all the 2+6 equations and then they should look for the inverse 6+2 = . Skipp what they don't know automatically and go back if there is time and use manipulatives or count of their fingers or tap on their desk - whatever works - to help them complete as many as they need too in the time allowed.

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math facts

I like the idea of letting them finish in a different color. Psychologically, I like to let them finish their paper. This is an easy way to accomplish that. I love simple solutions!!!!!:D


math speed drills

My second graders are expected to do 20 problems in one minute. Many of them finish way before the time limit, but some stilll struggle. I give them several practice sheets throughout the week, and they love partner practice with flashcards. On Friday, I give what my kids call (very dramatically) "THE REAL TEST". They have 20 problems on a page and get one minute. (I actually give them a minute and five seconds...don't know why.) I give one point for each correct answer so the max each week is 20. At the end of the six week grading period, I drop their lowest speed drill grade, so they end up with five speed drills - a total of 100 possible points maximum. I just add up the remaining five scores and count this as one test grade. I always take about eight or nine grades each six weeks, so even if they are not speedy at math facts they CAN still make an A in math. I do have two kids with IEP modifications that allow for extended time on assignments and tests. For these guys I just give the speed drills along with all my other kids, but I just don't average it in at all.