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Math Games


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Does anyone have any fun Math activities/games that you use in the classroom? (ex: Around the World)

Also if anyone has other games to play for other subject areas I'd love to hear them. Spelling is the only other subject where we play games to learn words (Sparkle and Spider Spelling) but I'd like to have more of a variety.

Thank you for your help!!!!!


Math Games - Books

I have made a number of math games for my students that are like board games. I reccommend the following books:

Scribble Scrabble - by Richard M. Sharp
Mega Fun Math Games - by Michael Schiro
Games Galore: Math - by Mailbox Magazine (this one comes in grade 1-3 and 4-6)
Instant Math Games That Teach - by Adela Garcia

Most of the Games you just have to photocopy for the kids to play. I have them laminated and the kids can play them when they are finished their work. I try to introduce 2-3 new ones a week so they don't get too overwhelmed.

Hope this helps a bit.


Math Games in 5th grade

Everyday Math is a series that teaches math through mini lessons and games. You can find out more info on www.sra4kids.com. Good luck.


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If you are looking more for an activity to play as a class, I use one called SNAKE.
The kids divide a piece of paper into 5 columns. At the top, they write S N A K E (one letter in each column). All the students stand up and then you roll a die.

The students write down the number in the S column and then decide if they want to keep that score (and sit down) or stay standing. You roll the die again and the students standing add the two numbers and then decide if they want to stay standing. The catch is if you roll a 1 all students who are still standing have to put a 0 for the column.

Once you roll a 1, all students stand back up and you play with the N column. Once all 5 columns are filled, students add up their totals and the students with the highest number wins.

This is a good addition fact practice game (I've also done it with multiplication) and can be tied to probability. Plus, I've used it as a sponge filler- students have just one paper they are playing with and we might do just one or two columns at a time.

Karen S

Spider Spelling-5th grade

I'm not sure what other teachers may call Spider Spelling, but this is what we call "Spider Spelling". All students stand up in a line. A spelling word is given and the first student spells only the first "letter", the second student spells the second letter and so on. If a students spells a letter wrong they must sit down. The ones who are standing must spell the word one more time....letter by letter.

Hope this is what you were looking for! Students really enjoy this one!


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buy a beach ball at the Dollar Store and write math facts on the ball. Students in a circle and they toss the ball to another student where they catch the ball and their right thumb is on a fact they say the fact and the answer. They toss the ball to another student and sit down. Until all are sitting down and you start again.


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To JoJo - Spider Spelling

We play it where you divide the class into teams - my kids sit in table groups so there can be anywhere between 2-5 teams. A word is given to the team and one person has to spell it. If they get it correct, they draw a spider part on the board. Whoever completes their spider first wins. We make a head, body, and 8 legs. Sometimes the kids want to make the face, too :-) I also erase spider parts if their team "accidentally" shouts out letters. They love this game!

Thanks to everyone for your great ideas!! Happy Holidays!!


I like these math activities



Another game

I play a game with my students called Bizz Buzz. All the students stand up. They go around the room, counting. Student 1 says "One", Student 2 says "two", etc. The catch is that they are not allowed to say certain numbers. When they get to the number 3 or a multiple of 3, they have to say "Buzz". When they get to 7 or a multiple of 7, then they have to say "Bizz". So as you go around the room, you'd hear "1,2,Buzz, 4, 5, Buzz, Bizz, 8, Buzz . . ." For 21 they have to say Bizz Buzz. When someone makes a mistake they sit down. The last one left standing is the winner! My kids love it! There's a variation to make it harder, if anyone's interested.


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Dice Math

I like using a large dice made from a cube, like a mug box. Create the traditional 1-6 dots and digits on each side. You can use it for anything from addition to division. It is a great way to show the place value influences sums and differences. For a complete description visit

Good luck.



Why do games like this eliminate the very children having trouble? I play this game, but we don't eliminate players, we help them and make it a group goal to see how far we can get.
When games eliminate players (as Around the World does) the children who need the practice don't get it.
Think more inclusively