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Math Journals



I was wondering if anyone does math journals and if so, how do you go about doing it? I would like to try them for next year, and am trying to think of ideas on how to use them for best results.


Senior Member
I tried...

using them this year... and it got "left behind" with our "required" Acclerated math curriculum. I am going to try again next year. I used a book I bought that had "daily" math questions. I think this year; however, I'm going the "TAKS" route and use questions with that format.

I had students write the question, then write HOW to solve the question each day. Then we reviewed it on the board. Those who didn't have it recorded correctly, were allowed to make corrections to their papers. By the end of the first six weeks, about 80% of my kids could complete the question on their own correctly. That's about the time I got overwhelmed with the math and the new "Open Court" stuff in reading.. and it just all sort of fell by the wayside.