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math lesson observation



Does anyone have any creative ideas for teaching a math
lesson to 5th graders on mean, median, and mode? My
observation is Wednesday and I am having a hard time
thinking of anything creative.

Thank you! :-)




Could you give them a list of the grades that they have earned so far this quarter and have them find the mean, median, and mode relating to their individual grade? Ex) you give "Joe" the grades that he earned so far this quarter. "Joe" has to find the mean (average) of all of his grades. He also needs to find the median and mode. This is a great chance for the students to practice with mean, median, and mode, a great chance to relate it to real life, and a great chance for the students to see how they are doing thus far...just make sure that they aren't comparing the results with other students.

You could also do the same activity, but use something different. Like data collected from an experiment. You could bring science into math by having them find the mean, mode, and median of their results of a recent science experiment.

Good luck!


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give each student a baggie of m&m's--making sure that at each group everyone has a different number.

have them figure out the mean of greens at the group, etc.

have them find the range of the reds

have them find the mode of browns

have them find the median of blues

and they could find the mean of total m&m's

this way you are having them work together.

if you're doing anything with graphing, they could individually graph their own colors.

good luck! i got my annual review out of the way 2 weeks ago, sigh.....


5th grade teacher

Use the the term 3 Musketeer method

MODE = MOST ofter seen
MEDIAN = MIDDLE - list least to greatest, min. to max. etc. leap frog from both ends to the middle - unless list is too great
Mean = line them up - add them up - divide them up
Range = hangs around for the ride - Home on the Range seaches for lost animals in the low places and the high places - then subtract

I have had reasonalbe success - using this on 4th graders - working with 5th for the first time this year


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USe the newspaper. Look at the weather section and have the kids get the mean, median, and mode for the high, low and average temperatures for your area for the week.

Marie from PA