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math/lit. lesson in one?


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I teach 1st grade, and as part of my curriculum, I have to come up with a literature book that has a plot (story book/picture book) and deals with the math topic my students are working on-place value up to 100.

I really am having a hard time finding any books that I like that are simple to teach a math lesson/concept out of that relates to what we are studying. I know there are counting books and they are great (like, hersheys kiss, cheerioes, etc) but i need a book to have a plot.

Any thoughts?


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Math and Literature

How about 100 Hungry Ants? It has a definite story line, problem, solution, etc. Also a great way to see how you can group different things in different ways and still have 100.

NJ Teacher

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Math book

There is a series of books called Math Counts. The author is Stuart Murphy. He has many books on a variety of topics at different elementary levels. You might do an author search and see what comes up.

Mrs. R

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Two Books

How about The Wolf's Chicken Stew or The King's Commissioners? Both address place value and have a plot.


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Ten Black Dots

You might try Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews for number sense and numeration.There is a resource book out called Teaching Math With Favorite Picture Books that you can get at Scholastic Book Clubs.