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Math Text Needed



I teach in an elementary self containd class. I am looking for a math program that has more than one page of a new skill. I find that I am pulling from many sources so that my student will get a lot of practice in each skill. I am hoping that someone can make a recommendation for a program that can meet the needs of my students. Thank you.


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Funschool.com, APLUSMATH, etc


When I was younger - while having special needs, while learning math - being a visual concept, it helped me learn, by doing the concept. For example: Playing a game, involving money--for example: acting as if you're going to the store, spending money, learning values, concepts, and so forth. APLUSMAth is a good program as I've heard, so is funschool.com. Although, I have Autism - so anything, auditorally, doesn't make sense to me. Most special needs children are visual learners - including individuals with ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism, and some learning disorder folks.

Hope this helps.. If you have any questions, just ask! My email address is Luvs2Write16@aol.com.


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Math Text

I had the same needs. I started with Saxon Math my first 3 years and ended with Everyday Math my last 3. Saxon Math spirals a lot and the kids will constently be sharpening skills learned earlier. The downside is that you'll need to supplement with manipulatives. Everyday Math moves very fast and I personally didn't think it was a great fit for me. One of the big issues I had was finding a textbook that is closely aligned with our state standards. Quite frankly, I also pulled supplemental material with both so it would meet my needs.

There is another option. There is a pocket chart program by Lonestar Math and Mountain Math. Each day students take about 15 minutes and work through some problems posted on pocket charts or bulletin boards. The board has questions for two weeks (about 7 questions each day). At the end of two weeks you simply post new questions. The program is fantastic. I used it as a sponge transition going into math. The beauty of the program is that students practice and reinforce skills they learn throughout the year...in 15 minutes. The kids loved it and so did I. I used it to supplement both Saxon Math and Everyday Math. There is very little preparedness on your part. I'd recommend that whatever program you use try Mountain Math.