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MAY Display Case-need help!!!



I need some assistance from you all. You have great ideas. I need to put something in the display case for May. It's very open and flexible what I can do. I can include student work along with appropriate decorations. I was thinking of a graduation theme but not sure where to go with it... any other thoughts? This is my first time!!! :-)))) I will LOVE all ideas and suggestions as it always leads me to other ideas as well!


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May Idea

Have students write short essays about why their mom is so great. Add flowers and pictures of children with their moms.


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Another idea might be to have students bring in objects connected with their current choice of career.

Nicole E.

summer is coming!

Have the kids write "Summer Is" poems- have them add photos of themselves doing summer activities. Make tissue paper flowers, butterflies, etc. Put inflatable pool toys in the case with your display. Or, have the kids simply write paragraphs about why they are looking forward to summer. Or, have the kids write paragraphs or travel brochures telling about some cool vacation spots for summer. They could get their ideas from actual travel brochures or off the net. You could add a suitcase, sunglasses, toy car, to display case to indicate vacation time...How about a "Yearful of Memories", and the kids write/illustrate their best memories of the year in your class. You could post actual photos of your year in the case with their writings.