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Maybe I'm crazy...but oh well!


Senior Member
Well, I ventured out shopping today. It's become one of those things my mom and I like to do. When we started, where we shopped was never that busy or crazy (it was a small town), but then my parents moved several years back (to a bit bigger town), and then we got a whole new view of what Black Friday craziness was like. Now part of it is just the fun of seeing the craziness everywhere. We've never been ones who go out having to get something in particular or needing to be there when the doors open . . . instead we just go out when we're ready and then just enjoy looking around and seeing what we find of interest, leaving any place where the lines are just way too long or it's just way too crowded. I came home with a handful of DVD's and a few possible new shirts/sweaters, but that was about it.

Otherwise, I can't believe tomorrow is already Saturday.
This break is already passing way too quickly!!!