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Meal Delivery Service


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I’ve been using Hello Fresh for the past month and feel that they don’t offer enough variety on low calorie dishes. Also, even though I stick to the “easy” recipes, it feels like an episode of Hell’s Kitchen is going down in my house! Any suggestions for other companies that provide this service?


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I use them in my rotation. They are by far the most economical. I often eliminate the carb that they send. I have a lot of rice and pasta packets that I haven't used. I also have a good supply of potatoes that I will never use. I don't get the feeling of Hell's Kitchen unless I try to prepare the entire meal. I get tacos and flautas a lot and substitute the tortillas with lettuce for lettuce wraps.

SunBasket- more expensive- unusual ingredients- most are organic

Blue Apron- a bit more gourmet (maybe leaning more towards HK)

Home Chef- I used this one exclusively for many years


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Meal service

My feelings exactly about cooking the Hello Fresh meals!! If the recipe says 15 minute prep time, I automatically figured 45. I used them for several months, and still make some of the recipes, but found them to be high carb/calorie and not a big enough selection.

FWIW: I thinking all cooking is Hell’s Kitchen!!


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Quick and healthy

I love Hungryroot. They offer healthy items and they can be made quickly, which is exactly what I was looking for. The recipes are mostly put this stuff
together and cook. The price is I think is very reasonable.

If you enjoy cooking and playing chef, this is NOT for you.

If you want healthy tasty meals with limited prep time this is for you.


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I'm so glad it's not just me LOLLOL. I hardly ever cook (although I used to, when I was younger) and I thought maybe that was the problem. I tried Hello Fresh and lasted one week. The recipes took me FOREVER and then there was the clean up from dirtying half of the things in my kitchen.

I tried Freshly for awhile- they send pre-made meals that just need to be microwaved. They're very low calorie and healthier than what I would typically eat- YMMV depending on how healthy your current meals are! They were okay, just not flavorful enough for me. The texture and freshness and everything was great, much better than I expected coming from a microwave, but they need to use more seasoning/spices! Everything was much too bland for my tastes.

I also eat the majority of my calories for dinner (I have a small lunch and just coffee in the mornings). So for my needs, a 300-500 calorie meal wasn't enough food. But it would be a great option for someone who does multiple small meals per day.

They always have discounts to try, and it was very easy to cancel (just click a button on the website) so it might be worth trying!


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I used Hungryroot as my first meal service and it is a quick prep. The meals are tasty and I found enough low calorie choices to suit me. My concern was the sodium levels of the prepared sauces and meats. (High blood pressure is a concern for DH.) If I had stayed with HR, I would have adjusted my credits lower. We got plenty of food for 2 of us.
I'm now using Dinnerly and like that better. The recipes are not heavy on carbs, you can choose your recipes, and the ingredients are fresh. There is more cooking involved, but I'm at a time in my life where that is therapy for me. No special skills needed, just the willingness to prep the meal. Also, there is no upcharge for certain recipes - you choose your number for the week. The price is reasonable.


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The one I have liked best so far (having tried Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Green Chef, and Purple Carrot) is Purple Carrot. The calorie counts are much better and there are very few processed foods like sauces. Quality of ingredients is also great. Prep is usually simple and straightforward, and they also offer meals that are already prepared. The only thing you may not like is that they are a vegan service. For me, it helped me eat a more plant based diet. I've stopped for the summer, because I can get such great fresh veggies locally, but may go back to them this winter.


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We have been using Every Plate. It is owned by Hello Fresh. Instead of getting individually meal specific packed boxes of bags, you get one cardboard crate with all ingredients thrown in. It is no big deal to quickly swipe out what I need when I’m cooking. I pay $70 a week for 4 servings of 3 different meals.