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Meet New Teacher Activity


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I am looking for a quick and neat activity to use with 3rd graders during our 20-25 minute Meet Your New Teacher session. Students come into their new room and stay about 20 or 25 minutes. Some parents attend but not many. I usually introduce myself and pass out the summer work packets and supply lists.

Since students are coming from different classes and not all entering the room at the exact same time, I like to have something simple and self-explanatory on the desk for students to do and leave for me. I am looking for something quick and neat to have students do during this time.

Thanks! :)


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simple idea

we have a "move up day" which is similar, although all the kids arrive at the same time. In that situation, I've done a morning meeting format where we did a greeting and then read and corrected mistakes in the morning message. If they're trickling in at different times, I'd do something simple like asking them to draw a self portrait and write three sentences about themselves since they'll be in third grade. You could give them three questions to answer if you wanted to guide it a bit, or just leave it open to three sentences if you wanted a representative sample of their writing.


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question about move up day

I have a question about "move up" day. I think it sounds like a great idea BUT what do you do with those students who did not pass the grade and do not get to move up?


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move up day

The ones that don't move up stay with the teacher they will be with next year or visit their new teacher along with everyone else. If I have ones that will stay with me, I put them in charge of helping to greet the incoming students and putting things on desks for the students.


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could they...

fill out a learning survey about themselves? (i.e. The kind where they circle the smile, straight face, or frown for each statement. I learn best with others. I enjoy trying new math problems. I think I'm a good writer)

Or, could they answer some questions about themselves that you could later use for a beginning of the year community builder? You could use their answers to group them in different ways or to make a Who Am I? game.

Or, could they decorate a big puzzle piece with things about themselves (put ideas on the board: name, favorite food, hobbies). On the first day or week of school you could put it together. I've done a puzzle before where, when it goes together it makes our room number and we talk about how everyone owns a piece of the room and how we all have to work together to make things run smoothly.

I would do something that you could use next year.