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Mental health day



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Please do not feel guilty! You need to take care of you so you can take care of others. Repeat that to yourself! Have a happy and relaxing day!


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Mental health days

Yay! I love a good mental health day! I have only taken them a couple of times when I was under severe stress, and they helped. Enjoy :)


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Don't feel guilty! It's your time - if you need a day to regroup take it. You will feel better and be able to handle whatever is thrown your way better!


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No guilt

My admin tells us to use them. Don’t feel guilty.

Is there any reason to hold on to a bunch of leave?


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Don't feel guilty about something so necessary. Self care takes many forms.

I took a mental health half-day just to make personal phone calls, set dr appointments, answer/send personal emails....It lightened the weight I'd been dragging around.

Hope you enjoyed your time!


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double benefit

Not only do you get your rest/recreation/appointments/business needs addressed, but your students see how necessary you are, and a sub gets some money. You may even get some appreciation when you return.:p



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Thanks everyone

I believe people should take them when they need them but what makes it very stressful is the lack of subs in our district. Fortunately someone did take the job.


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In my early days I would take them. Go to Hardees for some carry out breakfast. Go pick up the Tampa Tribune. Go home and pretend I was retired. THEN I had kids. Since THEY rode to school with me, those days were over. But really didnt need them much. One maxim was, take a day off and then soon after NEED to be out for something or sick.



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taking one tomorrow and probably Friday as well. After all these years teaching I do feel guilty but not sure why? When I get back from a day off-nothing has changed. The kids are the same-the school is still standing-no one missed me-so in other words I am replaceable in a hot second-so why do I feel guilty? Maybe it is more me than anything because really no one cares.