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Merry Christmas!


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DS’s school was invited to a very special place today. Not far from us is a man that created a park on his property (94 acres, I believe) where terminally ill children can experience Christmas at any time of the year. He opens it up to special needs families, too.

This place and the people were amazing. Everyone was so kind and accommodating and they were all volunteers! There was a bounce house, a train, a play ground, lunch, visits with Santa, fishing in their pond, and so many more things to do. The amazing part (IMO) is the entire event was free. DS had cookies and ice cream, visited the toy depot and the general store, and checked out the lunch spread.

The best part was being surrounded by people who understand. No one stared at a kid melting down, or flapping, or screeching with joy. A whole day of not having to apologize for my son’s atypical behaviors.

I’m so grateful for people and places that go out of their way to be accommodating.
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How very very wonderful for both Little h0kie and you. I’m smiling for you and I’m grateful for the humans who made your day possible.


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That brings tears to my eyes. It's so good to hear about the kindness of others.:D What a great experience for Little Hokie and his peers!


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I absolutely love this!

We have a place called Give Kids the World near me which provides a week of vacation for terminally ill children. They do a Christmas village during the season and the money they earn goes to the charity to provide their services throughout the year. They do specific nights specifically for special needs children as well. It’s truly an amazing place.




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Your little guy certainly deserves a day of fun with no restrictions. It must have felt so relaxing to let him enjoy the experience.


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This seriously brought tears to my eyes!

What an amazing man, and what an amazing experience for kids!!


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In this day of age to hear of someone who only wants children to enjoy a special journey makes me happy for the future.

I can't believe that is "little" h0kie, he is so big and handsome. I am glad you all had a lovely day and the weather cooperated.